Patience: Is this all I get?


I don’t know how much patience we are each allotted. There are times when I’m really proud of myself and other times where I think I got snippy too quickly.

I regret those moments.

I wonder when we’ll get to make up for the stuff we wish we wouldn’t have said, or did. I know there are times when I got mad at the wrong child. But it was too late. Arghh. . .

And then there are other times when I say something and they smile and they stop fighting or arguing or teasing or tantruming or begging or banging or scratching or whining or all of those things.

And thenĀ I saw this and it made me laugh out loud. A lot.

It made me appreciate the times when I want to swing my arm back there. It made me appreciate the times when they say something so funny it makes the day worth it.

It made me appreciate laughing.

I hope you too can find the humor in Kens words. In his temperament. In his wish for all of us that we love our kids and cherish the good and crazy moments.

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