Finding Joy Newsletter

by Rachel Marie Martin

My 40 Motherhood Tips are some of  the most requested list of tips that I’ve put together in my four years of writing – it’s a collection of some of my favorite motherhood tips.

They’re those little things that matter tips, really.

Like what to do when your two year old dumps an entire bag of flour out in the kitchen and it’s floating everywhere and on everything and in his hair. Yes, yes, I’ve dealt with that. Or getting down on their level and looking them in the their eyes and not mumbling mmhhmm or in a minute. Or that sometimes being a mom means saying yes to hot cocoa at Starbucks or rocking them a bit longer in the chair at night.

Simple tips. Real tips. Not about being perfect, but rather about the moments of motherhood.

I’d love to get you a copy – simply fill out the form below and I will have it sent to your inbox immediately. It’s a ten page ebook that you can print out, keep on your computer, or have ready for those moments when you simply need to smile.


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