Happy Mom Secrets 3: What did you get done today?

Honestly. This is the best explanation of why us moms seemingly get nothing done.

Except, as you’ll see, we’re working all. day. long.

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By the way, it doesn’t change much when they get older. Except now they’ll be scouring through the clothes looking for the perfect shirt or leaving dishes on the counter and playing sports outside and dumping things out and so on.

Ah, motherhood.

The ultimate definition in doing the same thing again and again.


ps. my five year old Samuel loved this video so much – he watched it several times with belly laughs. I think it’s because he secretly can relate.

pss. Looking for more laughs? And to be reminded that you are so not alone in motherhood? Here are two other videos in the Happy Mom Secrets Collection.

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One Response to “Happy Mom Secrets 3: What did you get done today?”

  1. June 20, 2015

    Lisa Marie Mary Reply

    Awesomesauce! My sister needs to see this now! LOL! 😀

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