Day 8: Clear the Clutter #findingjoy

Stuff can suffocate joy.

Sometimes we can look at stuff as being the answer – we hope for new things – and yet every single thing that we have in our homes becomes something that we have to manage as well. Think about it – it’s one more thing to find a home, put away, deal with and so on.

The stuff can be great. But it can whittle away at the joy.

So today we’re going to clear the clutter.

We’ve worked at clearing the clutter in our minds – worked on the mindset of I am Enough and I Matter and I am Worth It. Those things are so important. DO NOT STOP. See your awesome, embrace your awesome, and pursue your dreams.


They matter.

But let’s make it easier for us to operate out of joy. Think about this – so often I get so frustrated when things get messy in my house. the kitchen counter being cluttered is like a green light for the counters to go to you know what which is a green light for the living room which is, well, you got it. So I guard the spaces that I need clean.

Part of that is having just a bit less. Less, in some ways, is truly  more.

What can you get rid of today? What are the things that you are holding on to?

There is great freedom in filling a sack of things to throw and donate and get rid of. ┬áThere is freedom in having just a bit less. And in some ways it is a symbolic act of letting go. After all, we’re letting go of that mind stuff that holds us back, but now, now we’re about creating space for more awesome.

Your challenge? Fill one bag of stuff you don’t need. Post it using the #findingjoy hashtag and let’s lighten the load.


2 Responses to “Day 8: Clear the Clutter #findingjoy”

  1. August 22, 2014

    Tanya Reply

    I’m a little behind on posting this, but last weekend I did as you recommended and FIVE BAGS of stuff later, I feel like I can breathe again in my home. There’s still more work to be done, but now I have a few safe places to go when I need to count to 10 and regroup. It’s amazing what a clean counter and dining room table can do!

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