why Amazon Prime Now saved my sanity (or at least dinner)

I rarely write about sites and shopping, other than Target (which I love) and Starbucks (which I need stock in) but today my world was ROCKED. I mean rocked, rocked, rocked, rocked.

(I guess it doesn’t take much for me. Sad. Sort of. )

Anyway, I happened to be on Amazon and I happened to be wasting time and I happened to see a little button that said 25cent popcorn on Amazon Prime Now. Now, me being the mom whose children can polish off several bags of chips for dinner and can make the $200 spent at the grocery store gone in minutes I immediately jumped at a large bag of popcorn for a quarter. I figured, snack. Right?

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 7.16.51 PMAnd then I got sucked in.

Like a black hole vortex of Amazon love there I was – in the Amazon Now site ordering groceries. And not just bulk stuff, but other stuff that I NEEDED. Milk, cucumbers for my thirteen year olds lunch, chips (remember above), gluten free cookies, a Starbucks frap (remember above again) and so forth.

And then the Hallelujah Chorus rang out as I saw that it could be delivered within two hours.

Mic drop.

That’s what changed my world. Because instead of having to STOP at the grocery store AGAIN – some awesome woman, who was the ultimate in cheerful, somehow got all those groceries, showed up at my door, smiled and brought them in my house. All of them. And let me remind you again — she was cheerful. Like I wanted to have a conversation kind of kind lets go to Starbucks and hang kind of awesome person.

So it saved me today.

Saved a bit of sanity for me.

Wait. A bunch. Because I HATE having to go to the grocery store for two things and I really needed to be at home and be with the kids.  So yes, saved my mom sanity.

Saved dinner. And lunches for tomorrow. And me some money because IF I had gone to the grocery store I would have bought WAY more than I needed.

And as you can see from Samuel – it made EVERYONE really really happy.


I think the more I mother the more I realize that is is OKAY and good to use these conveniences to HELP out. Instead of grocery shopping I was sitting at the table finishing up 40+ pages of make up homework. And BOTH were done.

So hooray.

I’m hooked.


ps. If you want to try here’s my Amazon affiliate link (or click the image)  -> http://amzn.to/2ookpQo

pss. If you don’t have Prime here’s the link to that with some free days (I love Prime, by the way) ->
Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 7.17.35 PM

No pressure. And know that your use of my link funds my love of Starbucks and helps pay for the hosting for this site so I can write while in Starbucks.

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  1. April 19, 2017

    lauralee Reply

    I was SO excited by this info!!! OH NO. They do NOT deliver in my area yet! DARN.

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