a short mantra of truth for the mom who worries

it’s short.

because we don’t have that much time in our day.

print it. tape it on your mirror.

and remember.

one: worrying doesn’t make you a bad mom, it simply means you care.

two: your children will survive you not having all the answers.

three: you will mess up and that’s okay.

four: sometimes you simply need to surrender to life’s waves and chaos.

five: sometimes you need to fight back against the waves and chaos.

six: your love often is found in the smallest things.

seven: showing up will matter more than being perfect.

eight: instead of comparing embrace others for their journey.

nine: breathe deep, always breathe deep when you feel worry.

ten: remember the good – practice gratitude – it will change your day.


and this.

your children simply need you.
not perfection, not the mom you dreamed you would be.
but simply you.
you are enough.

showing up

and never quitting.


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