a good mom


A good mom has bad days & great days & normal days & overwhelming days & perfect days & trying days & supermom days & just being a mom days & a whole lot of love & real & crazy motherhood days. ~Rachel Martin (Original Words from my new book Brave Motherhood)

This went CRAZY viral on my Facebook Page (see below) with over¬†110 Thousand shares.¬†Thank you for sharing and supporting my writing. So grateful. (And if you want to share it – as many have – you can click the big share button above for the post or on the image below the share number and it will share the Facebook image….)

thank you. just thank you.


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  1. July 6, 2016

    Tina Reply

    Single Grandma raising my A.D.H.A,BiPolor,grandson who is also has separate problems. A good day is any day we can get up and be happy for a new day together

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