19 Powerful Truths to Live By

For years I’ve written about things I’m letting go of or things I’m changing or things I need to do. This year, instead of focusing on those aspects of life I’m sharing powerful truths about life, bravery and hope.  At the end of every point is a life truth for you to say to remind yourself.

  1. Speak well of yourself. Always. I heard this at my church when my minister, who used to struggle with alcohol, stated that he never states he was a former alcoholic – he doesn’t want that word to define him. It made me think, made me ponder our words. What if the words you state were reframed in the positive. I am healthy, I am strong, I am full of potential. Speak well of yourself and you will follow that path. I have stopped identifying myself as saying I have anxiety and have changed it to I deal with anxiety. I am strong, and you are too.  I speak well of myself.
  2. What you fear might be something you need to do. For years I feared taking control of my finances out of shame of others knowing my story, my life. Financial issues don’t go away in avoidance the resolve with action. Look at your fears and deal with them straight on. I am brave.
  3. Life is full of possibility. You just have to decide to see it again. To not overlook the opportunities in a space or dismiss yourself from action. I see the positive.
  4. You have tenacity and conviction. Yes, this, my friends. Before the last year ended I gave up wine – not because there was anything wrong with it but I didn’t want it to be a “go to” for stressful days. I started working out and changed my diet – during the holidays. All things I deemed to challenging for a long time. But in that space I discovered tenacity and determination. You have this within you. Believe in yourself and push yourself. I am tenacious.
  5. You are worth living beyond it is what it is. I like to think of that line of thinking as letting the wind push you around. You don’t have to do what everyone else does, you are free to express your heart, your opinion, your voice. And sometimes it means saying yes and other times no, but look closely at your decisions and your heart and don’t default to going along with your own life….take charge. I matter. 
  6. Kindness always matters. Pay it forward, give the benefit of the doubt, care for others. A kind word can change someone’s life, but harshness can hurt. Create a ripple of love and kindness. I am kind.
  7. Inches matter. In my book The Brave Art of Motherhood I share about the power of inches. When you make changes it often seems like the small things don’t make a difference, but a lifetime of small things is powerful. And in fact, you need to realize that not fighting for each inch in your life means you are giving up that inch. Ask yourself which matters more to you – doing nothing or doing the hard things? You are worth it. I fight for each day.
  8. Tell those you love that you love them. Over the past five years I’ve known too many you have dealt with death of loved ones,  of lives cut short. Don’t allow a moment to go by where you don’t express love for those you care about. It may seem simple but those three words I love you are beautiful, powerful and a gift. I bless others with love.
  9. Less is a wonderful thing. When you have stuff and busyness you have to manage it all and managing creates stress. When I shop and have a cart of things I ask myself often where in my home this will go and if it is truly necessary. Stuff doesn’t create happiness, it creates responsibility and work. I am enough.
  10. It is okay to be uncomfortable. We are creatures that love to exist in comfort, but comfort can lull us to sleep and to passivity. What if this was the year where you decided to try something new, to say hello to that person who is always in Starbucks, to start that job, to quit a job, to work out, to change your life? Don’t fear uncomfortable instead push yourself to be like Eleanor Roosevelt says to “do one thing every day that scares you.” I am fearless. 
  11. Prune out toxicity in your life. Toxic friendships are harmful to your spirit, your soul. Take care to examine the spaces in your life and the events, relationships and mindsets that hinder you versus nourish. Just as a grape grower prunes the vine way back to encourage growth, you too, might need to prune back so that you can thrive. I am valuable. 
  12. Wishing and doing are very different things. So many of us start the year wishing things were different. But we see the year as a year rather than a series of 365 steps done 52 weeks in a row. What if everyday instead of wishing things were different you did one thing to make the day different? Can you imagine those one things? Stop wishing, start doing. I act. 
  13. Take care of yourself. Get good sleep, take care of your health, find time to laugh. You only have one time to experience life on this earth – aren’t you worth taking care of yourself? Your oxygen mask matters. Put yours on first so that you can bless others in your life.  I take care of myself. 
  14. Change your relationship with money. Money isn’t evil, it isn’t a pain, it isn’t wrong, it isn’t hard to make. All of those mindsets are like targets in our brain – you live out of that paradigm. Talk about money, make money, help others with money. Money creates margin, space, growth and freedom. We live in a culture where talking about money is taboo, and yet, money can change lives.  I have opportunity.
  15. Practice forgiveness. Real forgiveness. Bitterness chips away at our spirits and our hearts. Forgiving is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to take care of ourselves. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you have to get back involved with those who have hurt you, rather it is untethering your spirit from pain, from anger and allows you to have space for joy. I forgive.
  16. Rise above the circumstance. There are some situations in life that are simply uncontrollable. Traffic, weather, kids (in some moments), others – but you don’t have to get to the level of the environment you exist in. I once heard that we either can be a thermometer – and reflect the mood of the situation or a thermostat – and set the mood of the situation. Here’s the deal, if you’re stuck in traffic, you’re stuck in traffic. You’ll arrive at the same time. But the mood you arrive in is up to you. I am greater than the circumstances.
  17. Bravery is within you. Normal, every day people have created extraordinary lives. You are brave. Don’t doubt it, don’t look at others, but look at your own bravery. Your track record for making it through hard days is one hundred percent. Your ability to show up the same. You are brave. Make that your mantra this year. I am brave.
  18. Be authentically grateful. For others who succeed, for the places in your life that are wonderful. Don’t allow gratitude to be an excuse to not change, but allow gratitude to be a motivator, a balm, a place to see the good in your life first. And be the cheerleader for your friends. I am grateful and see the good.
  19. Love yourself. I really believe this is like that money statement where people are like what? you can’t say that. But love yourself isn’t bad – it means that you value the gift of your own life, your own impact and when you love something you take care of it. So that means that you take care of you and when you do that you have so much more to give to those around you. You are happier, more positive and see the potential. I value my life.

Sending powerful blessings your way.

This is the year for you to Live Your Brave.

Not the brave story of someone else, but your brave.

I believe in you.


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  1. July 5, 2019

    Mindy Jollie Reply

    I love what you said about finding a way to release your bravery. I imagine that people often limit themselves by thinking that they’re not brave because of the personality traits they have. My husband and I have been working on our happiness and I’m sure it will continue to be a journey for us to find the right recipe for us!

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