why the woman staring back at you in the mirror is worth fighting for

La’Porsha from American Idol had me in tears.

In tears because sometimes I still doubt my courage or my strength or my bravery. I think it’s so easy to just look at ourselves and tell ourselves tomorrow I’ll get to that or maybe next year and it’s so easy to put us on hold. Sometimes it’s out of fear and sometimes because we don’t know what to do and sometimes we just feel lost.

I get the fear. I get the worry. I get the not even knowing who the woman is staring back at one’s self.

But I also get living numb. I get waking up and going through the motions. I get telling myself that it’s no big deal and I’m fine and so forth.

And I get waking up. Living alive.

This song is about strength and tenacity.

La’Porsha¬†has that.

She sings and embodies the strength of a woman who looked in a mirror and decided that she was worth fighting for. And more than that she realized that she was worth fighting for because of her daughter. We can’t lose us. You can’t put yourself on the back burner.

Happiness doesn’t just land in our laps, my friend.

You have that tenacity, just like she does.

I want you to listen and see that strength in you.

I want you to live.

Don’t doubt you.

Don’t doubt what you can do.

Don’t put off fighting for you.

La’Porsha – thank you for being the voice of so many.

It’s time for us to be a generation of women who are proud of what they do.


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