RSVP, please.

Okay. We have to do better than this. We just must. This is so so important. We have to be the village, friends. We have to STEP UP.

See that text below?

That’s from my son Sam’s friend’s mom. Sam was invited to a birthday party. The invite told the time, the details and the RSVP. I was late RSVPing to her, felt badly, but still let her know Sam was coming. I am not perfect – I should have responded quicker, even with words of, “thanks for the invite. I will check my schedule and let you know asap.”

But, that above, my friends, is what she replied.

No ONE else has let her know who is coming.

(I just want to hug her.)

Beyond her knowing what to buy and how to prepare, her son has NO IDEA if any of his second grade friends are coming.

Be that second grader. With hopes and invites and no clue who is coming tomorrow.

Be that second grader’s mom. With hopes and no clue what to tell her excited son about which of his friends are coming.

Can we just all make a pact to be better?

I should have replied earlier. I need to be better. I know we can do it. I know we can look at that invite, look at our calendars and we can make a decision – yay or nay. We can say thank you to that other mom. We can try.


We’re a team. A community. The more we rally and support each other the stronger life can be.

I sure hope some more kids show up.

I’m sure his mom planned on it with the same hope.

In fact, let’s be better together.


ps. it’s easy now too. A text. So so so simple.
and 2nd ps. I know kids lose invites. I get that too.

And in case you think this is an ISOLATED incident check out this thread from my Facebook page. The comments made me teary.  We CAN BE THE VILLAGE.

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