The best videos about moms we can laugh and cry with

Think of this as your “go-to” collection of videos for those days when you need a reminder of all that you do.

This short story that took place in a parking lot on a rainy day was turned into a short movie.

The lesson will be different to you.

To me the lesson is simple. Hurrying to get to the park means we miss out on the walk to the park. The walk.

Sometimes in life we just want to get from A to B and we miss the beauty in-between.

Lesson? Slow down. See the moments.


For the days when it seems like nothing gets done. The days when it seems like everything you do is just wasted time and wasted energy, this is why . . .

You spent the day teaching.

You spent the day molding.

You created a day of adventure.

Lesson: All that you do.


Surprise! The reward of motherhood isn’t always something you see in your salary, in your to-do list, in your Facebook feed. There is no price you can put on baby smiles, father daughter dances, walking your child down the aisle.

Sometimes this is the reward. . .

Lesson: Children who return the love you gave them.


It’s hard to know how much our kids love us

. . . when they leave their clothes on the floor.

. . . when they break the toys we just got them.

. . . when they say our dinner is yucky.

But there is a time in their lives when that love comes pouring out. There is no greater tribute to mom’s than Marc Mero’s speech to kids. You’ll need tissues in one hand and joy in the other.

Lesson: The hidden love our kids have for us. 


I’ve heard this song so many times and loved it.

And then I watched the video and the tears fell. Sometimes it feels as if so much of life is wearing that mask and having it all together. And then beauty – it gets distorted and values of worth are attached to self when it’s not about the outside, but us as women. For who we are. Inside.

Watch. You’ll be blessed.

Lesson: Not being perfect is beautiful.

See? So powerful.

Thanks for being real with me.


It’s interesting to think of all the wisdom I could give my younger self.

Dear 39 year old,

Don’t think 40 will be the end of the world.
You’ll make it through.
And, those wrinkle creams?
Well, wear the wrinkles with pride – they show a life lived.

Signed a 40 year old.

What would you write?

Lesson: Beauty is deeper than the surface.



This just made me laugh. And tear up just a bit. But mainly just laugh.

And love the journey of motherhood.

And lol, my house is surprisingly clean now that all my kids are in school. There was a moment today (and I work at home) where I was thinking now what do I clean?



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