Learn to Grow a Blog with Rachel and Blogging Concentrated

by Rachel Marie Martin
Learn to Grow a Blog with Rachel and Blogging Concentrated


One of the most common emails I get is with regards to how I built my blog, Finding Joy. So many of you are interested in the process, the steps, the logistics, the writing, and what it takes to create a blog that becomes a business.  Well, I will tell you that besides hard work and many late late nights (and my favorite extra hot caramel macchiato from Starbucks) it also took many steps. It took discovering and cultivating my authentic voice combined with utilizing the many tools – site design, analytics, seo, facebook, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on – to help grow the foundational base for this site.

Over the years I’ve made great friends, including forming a fabulous business partnership with my awesome and dear friend Dan R. Morris.   But perhaps you didn’t realize this -> Dan is also behind the incredible growth that Finding Joy has seen this past year. He is an equal partner of this site and has invested countless hours refining what we do to make Finding Joy better, more efficient, and more profitable. He has helped behind the scenes making this site operate as smoothly as it has and thus has helped it to grow from a hobby to a business. He is also the mastermind behind the success of my Dear Mom Letters Ebook. He developed the initial idea of placing my Dear Mom Letters into an ebook, created the ebook (it’s so awesome and beautiful), helped with marketing, and then helped us pursue a publisher to put the ebook into book form.


So what does that have to do with  helping you  learn how to grow your  blog?

Well, besides partnering on Finding Joy, Dan and I have also teamed up to build an amazing business called Blogging Concentrated. (And no, we don’t sleep much.) Blogging Concentrated is a global company that is dedicated to equipping bloggers with the tools they need to make their blogs a business. Blogging Concentrated has many facets to it  – from National events that travel from city to city (you will find me at  them) as well as an online community, webinars, a store front, a calendar of events, and an incredible blogging resource called BC Prime.

BC Prime is literally the encylopedia of blogging knowledge – from how to set up open graph on facebook, to seo, to how to set instagram to feed to your fan page, to optimizing ads, to connecting with your community, and so on. As part of this you’ll also find me on webinars with Dan, offering my own tidbits of information and knowledge that I’ve learned in these many years of blogging. In fact, you’ll probably hear me talking about facebook marketing (which I love), community building, instagram, branding, and marketing strategies.

But, for now, now Dan and I invite you to join BC Prime and to start learning about all the amazing resources, tips, tricks, facts, and information that can help you grow your blog as well.

BC Prime is a $49/month subscription service.

As a member of BC Prime you’ll have exclusive access to the extra ingredients that will help you move your business to the next level of success.

We’re dedicated to providing quality, innovative, and practical content, tips, and suggestions that are not only motivating but are also integral tools to business growth.

These are just some of the benefits of BC Prime

  • Recordings from Blogging Concentrated Events: These are happening nationwide and are full of valuable information from understanding SEO to the 80/20 Rule to Monetization and more. And because each event is tailored for each community the information shared is consistently relevant and applicable.
  • Exclusive Member Only Workshop Calls: In addition to the two webinars/calls presented by the Blogging Concentrated Community Free Weekly Mastermind you will also have access to an exclusive Webinar just for BC Prime Members. In this call we’re going to take the month’s topic and delve even further into it and we’ll open it up for questions, feedback, and in depth learning.
  • Screen Share How To’s: Want to know more about how to set up Open Graph? What email system works best? What are awesome IFTTT recipes? In fact, what is IFTTT and why should you use it? These are just a sampling of the content that you’ll have access to at all times.
  • Exclusive Private Office Hour Calls:  Four times a month, for an hour at a time, we offer office hour calls – you can call in and ask any question needed. They’re very informative and give that extra bit of hands on information.
  • Exclusive $99 offer for Sequoia, Circles and Pages: Want to attend one of these Blogging Concentrated events? As a BC Prime member you can attend for $99 versus the $199 retail price.
  • Access to the 21 Day SEO Challenge, Video Riser, Framework and our other Curriculums: Several times a year we offer brand new full curriculums designed to jump start your business. These curriculums retail for $99 each, but are included with your BC Prime membership.
  • Ebooks, Forms & Templates, 10 Minute Traffic Tips, Biz Book Reviews and more: Every month we release a new ebook, four to five forms or templates that benefit your business, an exclusive ten minute traffic tip from a leading expert in the industry and business book reviews – where we read the books and give you an overview. We like to call them the Cliff Notes of the blogging and social media industry.

Join BC Prime and to start learning about all the amazing resources, tips, tricks, facts, and information that can help you grow your blog as well.