the hidden power of an egg

Hear me out.

Today a fried egg reminded me of the power of motherhood.

I know, an egg.

But listen, lately I’ve been making my boys fried eggs before school. A simple simple simple thing and yet, for them, they’re so crazy excited and grateful about it. An egg. I didn’t expect it, after all, it’s just a crack, sometimes picking out shells, waiting, putting on a plate and repeat.

But it’s showing up.

Motherhood is often about showing up in the smallest, simplest, littles of ways. Like cooking eggs. Waving in the pickup line. Tucking a note in the lunch box. Playing music just a bit loud so they dance. Being goofy. Staying up late so their favorite shirt makes it to the dryer so it can be worn the next day. Buying fun toothpaste. Getting the medium ice cream cone. Playing dress up. Sending a “you’re awesome” text to your high schooler.

Simple simple, little things.


These simple things are POWERFUL.

And chances are, if you’re like me, most mornings you stand there cracking the egg, putting on the plate, adding some salt and repeating. Day after day. And you probably miss those things that you do – just like I do.

It’s just what a mom does, you tell yourself.

But, those just what a mom does are what will make your son and daughter tell beautiful stories of you showing up at their wedding. It’s what they will come home from college and ask for. It’s those things that they will remember.

I always thought it would be the giant trips, the big moments.

But as I remembered this morning at 6:20 in the morning – it is as simple as cracking an egg.

And you know what else?

I feel good. I feel like I’m contributing to them, to their happiness, being the mom. I am so darn teary writing this – because sweet friend – YOU ARE BEING THE MOM in those simple ways. In the laundry, cooking, loving, writing, trying.

So next time you crack an egg stop.

Stop and think about the power of you. Of you as a mom. Of you showing up.

(and if you don’t eat eggs – find another fave – haha)

Because in the end, these little moments will add up.

They will add up and up and up and up and up and up.

And that will be your story.

The story your children will tell. About your perfect chocolate chip cookies. Or the time they failed. About the way you’d tuck the covers just right. And how you’d whisper away the bad guys. About all the waves at the bus stop. And cheering from the sidelines with your goofy shirt and waves. About you screaming brake brake as you ride with your new driver.  Of you getting teary at their graduation and sharing the picture you saved from when they were four. About ALL OF IT.

I’m so proud of your just what a mom does moments.

So proud.

So carry on brave mom, crack those eggs, wave your silly wave and carry on.


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  1. April 27, 2017

    Lauren Reply

    After a day of struggling to see if what I do for my family actually matters, I really needed to hear this. So glad I stumbled upon it… Thank you!!

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