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by Rachel Marie Martin

kidsw3'Hey there…I’m Rachel…the voice behind Finding Joy.

And that?

It’s a website dedicated to seeking joy in life, specifically in motherhood and empowerment for us as women. A bit of intentional living, if you may. And that life philosophy? Well, you need to know a bit about me to know what I write about.

My life and how it relates to joy? I’ve had a decent share of challenging, nitty-gritty, time in the storm days. You know those days? Those are the days where you just want to pull  your hair out and you don’t know how to pull up your boot straps and you simply feel overwhelmed. Real days.

Through all of this the I’ve learned the value of living a life loving the little things – the moments – tucked in the fabric of the everyday. And in that is a quest to live joyfully and fully. Now. In this moment. No more waiting for things to get better, no lamenting the time lost, but rather finding joy in everyday – even when the everyday doesn’t look perfect. It’s in choosing to life today to it’s fullest, being thankful, and above all grateful. Gratitude is a choice and is something one must learn. And so on this site it’s a celebration of the little things, the moments in life, that matter.

In diaper changes, paying bills, doctor visits,schooling, cooking, gardening, parenting, cleaning, working, laughing, organizing, crying, praying, and in just well, everyday daily life.

And that’s what this website is about — my constant journey to find joy, to fight for your  heart, to celebrate your story and to share with you that you, in the midst of your journey, are not alone. Let’s just call it a spot to breathe in a busy and crowded online world full of should do this and should do that’s — it’s a site of encouragement for mothers and a bit of intentional living mixed in.

You will find serious posts — like when I deal with Celiac Disease or those really overwhelming moments of motherhood. You will find humorous posts — because I do have seven children and our lives provide laughs. You will find posts on motherhood. Actually, you will find a great deal of posts on motherhood. You’ll also learn about my struggles in divorce, finances and single parenting. But in it all – it’s a breath of much needed real.

You can find my book The Brave Art of Motherhood here. It’s about finding yourself, breaking patterns, and becoming brave. You also could read some of my most viral posts – Why Being a Mom is Enough, I Forgot How to be the Happy Mom and more. But, in all, my desire is to celebrate you – the woman on a motherhood journey and to cheer you onward.

If you’d like to hear about my story of overcoming financial hardship on the Today Show it’s below.

Why am I so raw? Because that’s my heart and in sharing I hope you too unearth and celebrate your own bravery, story and purpose. .

It’s a finding joy loving the little things embracing the everyday life heart.


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