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by Rachel Marie Martin
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Connecting with Rachel


Bio for media use: 

Rachel believes in the power of the human spirit to overcome, to thrive and to find deep joy and because of that she pours out her heart via these platforms: she is the writer behind the site FindingJoy.net and author of both Mom Enough and The Brave Art of Motherhood and a founding partner in Audience Industries – a company designed to train and equip entrepreneurs in their ventures. Her articles have been translated into over 25 languages, her site reaches millions of visitors per month and she has a robust, engaged Facebook community.

Her content has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Today Show, Star Tribune, Tiny Buddha, iVillage, Stuff New Zealand,  John Tesh, PopSugar, Motherly, Parents, What to Expect, Independent Journal Review, Dr. Greene, Power of Positivity, Her View From Home, CafeMom, and many more. She speaks worldwide encouraging moms and entrepreneurs to live each day with purpose and drive. Beyond that, she’s a mom to seven, and calls Nashville, Tennessee, her home. 

FindingJoy stats

50+ million pageviews

1M+ Facebook fans w/ an average organic reach of over 4 million/week

25k Member Facebook Group

35k Instagram fans

36k email subscribers

8.8k Twitter/X fans

9.5k Pinterest fans

Rachel Marie Martin Book details:

Mom Enough:

Paperback: 259 Pages
Publisher: Dexterity September 26th, 2023
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1947297821
ISBN-13: 978-1947297821
TILE: Mom Enough: Inspiring Letters for the Wonderfully Exhausting but Totally Normal Days of Motherhood

Brave Art of Motherhood

Paperback: 224 Pages
Publisher: WaterBrook (an imprint of Penguin Random House) October 9, 2018
Language: English
ISBN-10: 073529139X
ISBN-13: 978-0735291393
TILE: The Brave Art of Motherhood

This book, The Brave Art of Motherhood, was listed as “One of the Best Motherhood Books of All Time” by Book Authority. The Brave Art of Motherhood was #1 on Amazon for multiple weeks in the MidLife Category

Rachel in the media:

Recently Joel Comm named me one of the top 50 Social Media Influencers. And John Lee Dumas featured me on his podcast Entrepreneur on Fire. I’m currently working on publishing my first long form book after seeing the success of my Dear Mom Letters . I was featured on Huffington Post Live after my post To The Tired Mom went so rapidly viral that it was their top trending article for days. 

Media pics

Can I arrange an interview with Rachel?

If you represent a newspaper, television show, magazine, website, podcast, etc. Rachel Marie Martin is available for interviews. Please contact us at rachel@findingjoy.net for more information on how to set up an interview with Rachel.

Can I share content from Rachel?

FindingJoy.net and Rachel’s content is free to use for non-commercial use.  Persons and businesses can use the content for their social media and web properties as social sharing with their audiences. But use of the images, content or quotes on and in products or to promote products is strictly prohibited without permission.  If you wish to use content from FindingJoy.net, send an email request to rachel@findingjoy.net

(Abusers will face steep fines for un-licensed content and be subject to legal action.)

FindingJoy.net content includes articles about the many stages of Motherhood. Feel free to reference this content in your own blog, and make use of excerpts. Include a link back to FindingJoy.net to help your audience learn more about the topic. Here are some of the most viral quotes. You are welcome to use with proper attribution to FindingJoy.net or the FindingJoy Facebook Page at http://facebook.com/findingjoyblog


How can I invite Rachel to speak at our event?

First, if you made it here I’m already super honored. One of my favorite things in the world to do is to share my heart and passion with others – whether it be in text or on the stage or sitting in a circle of peers.  I know that choosing a speaker can be a bit challenging because you desire that deep power of connection – that ability to inspire, motivate, change lives, and give action steps – and the person on stage is a representation of your vision.  Because of that, I’ve designed this page to make your decision easier – giving you a glimpse into who I am and how my desire is to create that powerful connection between words that inspire and those listening.

For the past eight years I’ve been blessed to have spoken to over one hundred live groups, to be the guest on numerous webinars and podcasts, to have been interviewed on various national media channels, and to create my own podcast Amplify. I consider public speaking an art and a gift – it’s an opportunity to change lives with words.

So from me to you, before you even read more, thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate it.


My most loved talks

My business partner, Dan, and I have several keynotes that we present together as well as full and half day workshops including our own Blogging Concentrated series. For more information about booking us to keynote together please click here and also to learn more about Blogging Concentrated, Amplify Podcast, and our parent company, Audience Industries.

HowDoYouDoItallSmall How Do You Do it all?
One of the most common questions I’m asked is “How do you do it all?” as others will see me writing, speaking, podcasting, traveling, running Blogging Concentrated, and being a mom. In this talk I’ll share my secrets – if you can call them secrets – think of them instead as lessons learned – of maintaining a busy work/life/mom balance and keeping a sense of joy and not forgetting yourself in the midst of busy.
10LifeLessonsHaitismall Ten Life Lessons Learned in Haiti
In this inspirational, and more often requested, talk I share from my week long experience in Haiti where I documented and worked alongside a local mission trip. While in Haiti I learned more about motherhood, camaraderie, priorities and perspective than I’ve learned in years. You’ll hear me share ten truths about life (or motherhood if it’s for a mom’s group) that truly changed my life’s perspective and will inspire you to live with more intentionality, joy and focus.
WhyThereisNoJustSmall Why There is No “Just”
Sometimes we get stuck thinking that what we’re doing everyday as mothers doesn’t make a difference. We qualify it as “just” this or “just” that and lose the beauty in motherhood. In this inspirational talk I will share why we need to remove the just from our definition of motherhood and life and replace it with statements that are not only true but life changing. This topic also easily translates into a talk for entrepreneurs and businesses as so often we qualify what we do and let perceived limitations hold us back from success.
WhyBeingaMomsisEnoughsmall Why Being a Mom is Enough
Based off the success of the almost one million Facebook likes viral post with the same title in this talk we get to the nitty gritty emotions that we deal with as mothers. Through narrative, personal stories, powerful analogies & inspiration we’ll celebrate motherhood through fresh eyes. We live in a digital age of expectations, to-do lists, and a mythical ladder of success. In this talk I work to clear that clutter and to replace it with the beautiful truth that the ordinary days and ordinary things in motherhood are truly extraordinary.
BeuatyinNormalSmall The Beauty in Normal
Do you celebrate normal? The little things in life? The moments that are tucked in the ordinary? On Finding Joy, I consistently challenging my readers to embrace the gift of normal. In this inspirational talk I’ll share what led me to celebrating normal, why it is a critical part of gratitude, how/why I teach my children to be grateful, and why you, too, should begin to look adopt this powerful life strategy of finding joy. Happiness is based on circumstances, while joy is a posture of the heart intent on seeking on beauty, good, and gratitude in the midst of life. Be prepared to be motivated and to see the world just a bit differently.
FacebookReachScienceSmall Facebook: The Science of Reach
Are you frustrated by Facebook reach, engagement, and algorithm changes? Do you want to learn the science behind creating reach without paying for ads? We will debunk the myths of Facebook reach and will discuss concrete strategies for reaching your audience – knowing when, how, why, and what to post. Some of you might learn when it’s time to just start over versus working on your existing page. By the end you’ll know what strategy works, how to grow your community organically, and the reasons why some of my clients just can’t be helped.
KnowYourAudienceSmall Knowing Your Audience
Over the past five years I’ve created a site with millions of visits, with dozens of viral posts, and an active engaged audience. One of the common questions that we get with regards to website development and writing is about growing one’s platform. Truthfully the best way (and only way) to effectively grow a long-term and returning readership is by understanding and knowing your audience. This talk discusses messaging, voice, branding, and how to begin to unearth who your audience is and how you can leverage that knowledge and grow a powerful platform.
NoExcusesSmall No Excuses. Why Your Voice Matters Sometimes, the biggest stumbling blocks to success are the road blocks in front of us. What if the road blocks were there to make us become stronger – and aren’t really stopping us at all? In this keynote, Rachel will discuss how we can work from the posture of knowing our voice matters, with strategies on how we can build businesses and platforms that balance our work with who we are.I speak on topics related to motherhood, gratitude, Facebook and social media. I would love to bring my exuberance and zest to life to your group as well.

Previous Speaking Events

Keynotes: SFOF (State Financial Officers Annual Event) – Keynote, Orlando, Fl, Smart Women Smart Money – Keynote, Little Rock, Lennox Museum – Keynote, Ontario, Women in Business –  Lafayette, La, Macaroni Kid – San Diego, MOPS – Orlando, Creative Supernova – Los Angeles,  Soul GPS – Nashville, Global Media Summit – Dallas, MomCon – Pittsburg, Bloggycon – Sandusky, WOW Mom’s Summit – Washington DC, Declare Conference – Dallas,  MN Bloggers Conference – Minneapolis, TypeA – Atlanta, Beachpreneurs – St. Petersburg, iRetreat – New Orleans, Blog Mastery Workshop – Vancouver, Boost Your Influence – Poconos, BConnected – Ottawa, Blissdom Canada – Toronto, Blended – Phoenix, Entertainment New Media – Los Angeles, Blogger Bash – New York City, Exposure and Profit – Toronto, UMASS Boston – Boston, Social Media Breakfast – Minneapolis, North Iowa Social Media Club – Mason City, Outdoor Writers Conference – Hagerstown, Blissdom Canada – Blue Mountain, 2:1 Conference – Baltimore, Haven (2) – Atlanta

Podcasts – Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas, This is the Author (Penguin Random House), Rebel Parenting with Ryan and Laura Dobson, The Open Door Sisterhood, Heart Lessons, All Mom Does, Midlife Matters, For Your Success, My Journey Through, Mutually Amazing, Inspired Money, Generation Wisdom, Is This It?, The Pause Button, One Tough Muther, Love People Make Money, For Your Success, Inspired Women and many more

Webinars – Purpose Driven Mom Summit, Something More Summit, Confident Moms Summit, I am Mom Summit, 

Blogging Conference Events – Nashville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Penn State, Philadelphia, Auckland NZ (2 tours), Nelson NZ, Christchurch NZ, Wellington NZ, Dunedin NZ, Winnipeg CA, Vancouver CA, Toronto CA,  Denver (2) , New Orleans, Atlanta, Minneapolis (3) , Chicago, Seattle (2), Cincinnati, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, Syracuse, New York City, Salt Lake City, Asheville, Orlando, Richmond, Kansas City, Dallas, Grand Rapids, Boise

Guest Speaker: Haven – Atlanta, Sofabcon – Bentonville, MN Bloggers Conference – Minneapolis, Florida Parent Educators – Orlando, Christi Church – Eden Prairie, Real Refreshment Retreats – Baltimore, Atlanta, Fit Bloggin’ – Savannah, Florida Parent Educators Special Needs Conference – Orlando, North Iowa Social Media Club – Mason City

Guest Workshops: Florida Parent Educators – Orlando, iRetreat – Harrisburg, Fit Bloggin’ – Denver, WOW Summit – Washington DC, Blissdom Canada – Blue Mountain, Haven – Atlanta

Coordinated and Emcee: BEECH Retreat – Captiva Island FL

Emcee: 2:1 Conference – Baltimore

Companies Partnered With

Zulily, Dove, Disney, Gatorade, HotWheels, Fox Pictures, Focus on the Family, Annie’s Organic, Udi’s Gluten Free, Apologia, Dole Nutritional Institute, Circle of Moms, Kraft, Oreck, National Foundation for Celiac Disease, Pearle Vision, Praying Pelican Missions, Willow, Capri Sun, CBS

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