by Rachel Marie Martin


Have you forgotten you in the midst of your story?

Do you know what makes you happy?

Are you wondering where to find time to pursue your dreams?

Would authentic, real friends make you smile?

If so, then you are in the right place.

It’s time to EVOLVE.


Over the past five years the community at Finding Joy has grown and grown and in that growth comes a real desire to follow dreams, pursue passions, discover self and to live without guilt. Oftentimes we put our own stories on hold while we’re in the midst of motherhood and life. But, as I’ve discovered, putting our stories on hold only results in exactly that – waiting.

And life isn’t worth waiting.

You know why I know? Just a couple weeks ago my van burned up. And in that moment I realized how much of life I live on holding waiting for tomorrow to do the things that I should be doing today. As my friend Chris Brogan states should means won’t.

What have you told yourself you should do one day? And you just haven’t?

Enough.  Today is the year, the time for you.

That’s EVOLVE.


EVOLVE is a five week course that is all about discovering self and eliminating excuses. It will consist of a weekly email, a weekly LIVE Facebook video with our group and a private Facebook group where we can discuss the topics and encourage each other.

These are the topics to discuss – and know that just like the group title they might EVOLVE.

Week One: Dare to dream – What are you holding back on? What are you waiting until tomorrow to do? Have you forgotten to dream? Is there guilt? We are going to be real, going to be honest and are going to start becoming the whole us that we are meant to be.

Week Two: Breaking down excuses – It’s time to start listening to the reasons we are telling ourselves we can/cannot do something. And it’s time to replace them with truth.

Week Three: Say yes to you – As busy moms and women it’s easy to say yes to everyone else and feel guilt over time for ourselves. Saying yes is the oxygen of our lives and makes us better in life in general.

Week Four: Goal Setting and Commitment – It’s no longer a dream, but a reality. This week is about concrete goals and making a commitment. Those excuses? They can’t get in the way.

Week Five: Next Steps – There is no Should – Sort of a wrap up week, but more than that this is the time we share our success and motivate each other to keep going, keep fighting. This is the beginning of you – EVOLVE.


Joining is easy and it’s free. All you need to do is sign up for the email list below. The first email will have a link to the Facebook Group. On the Facebook group is a survey form that will help me tailor make the program. No worries, all info is private, and I totally respect you, your time and your info. I’m a mom. Wait, I’m a busy mom, so I get it.

And that’s it. Thank you so much.