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2019 Finding Joy Calendar . . .Coming August!

by Rachel Marie Martin

Mothers are brave.

You are brave.

You, in the midst of motherhood, in the midst of crazy are incredibly brave. You, the mother who is tired and worried and overwhelmed and sometimes just wishes for a teeny break – you are brave.  You are brave and make a life impact in the midst of the wonder moments, the normal moments, the lovely moments, the simple moments, and the moments where you sit back and breathe and look at those children that you love and you just sigh with joy and contentment.

Sometimes we all just need a reminder of the awesome courage, tenacity, and beauty that can be found in the midst of motherhood. It’s easy to lose sight of those joys, of the little things, when the busy overtakes. Or when the toddler won’t go to bed or the seven year old acts out or when you’re simply overwhelmed with simple things like laundry.

So, to celebrate moms, to celebrate you, Every year we put together a collection of my most requested quotes and added them to some beautiful photos and created a calendar. It’s a reflection of my heart and of my voice to encourage moms in the midst of the journey.

Celebrate motherhood with me. Celebrate the little things, the big things, the rainbows after the storms, the times when you found that inner tiger strength, and those moments when you just need to sit back and remember what a life difference you’re making. Motherhood is a blessing. Remember that.

That’s what this calendar celebrates. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being real.

Onward brave mother. Onward.