by Rachel Marie Martin

Do you have a book?

Yes! Dear Mom Letters and Breathe. My newest book, Brave Art of Motherhood, comes out in October through Penguin Random House Publishers.

Where is the FJ Moms Group?

The original FJ Moms Group just got too big to handle. I had some people helping, but it required a lot of their help and we just didn’t have the money to pay them.

But stay tuned a new one is coming

Where have I seen your articles?

I mostly write here, but it’s possible you’ve seen some at Huffington Post. Or perhaps as a guest on a podcast.

Where can I see you speak?

I’ll post the ones that are open to the public.

In the past, I’ve spoken at:

When does the Kon Mari Challenge begin?

We start that every year in January.

I’m starting a blog, can you help me?

Yes, we’d love to help.
Go to Start a blog

Why are you gluten free?

My son has celiac.

Are you the van fire lady?