The Brave Art of Motherhood


This book is part encouragement and part rally cry for moms everywhere who have gotten lost within the pages of their own story, undervaluing all they do every day and exchanging the beauty of who they are for a Pinterest-perfect illusion. It gives you the tools you need to overcome fear, loneliness, and inaction. 

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     . . . words from mothers . . . 

Kate B.

This is such a fantastic and motivating book.

First of all, Rachel is seriously such an amazing human being. She has gone through so much, yet has managed to come out on top. She shares her hopes, fear, inspirations and motivations. She makes changing for the better seem so easy and inspires you to do it! This read part like an autobiography and part motivational/self-help. She tells a lot of stories from her life, so you really feel like you have grown to know her by the time you finish the book.

Best of all, she is such a powerful writer. She has the ability to really help one invoke change in their life. She has done hard things herself and her story alone is inspiration, but she also helps propel change through her mindset shifts that she teaches.

I was very impressed by this book and am excited to follow Rachel on social media and catch up on her blog as well! I feel like she could make something as mundane as a trip to the grocery store seem inspiring and interesting!

Stephanie F. 

I always love the idea of a self help book, and even when I love the ideas in the book, I sometimes have a hard time getting through the whole thing.

But that's not the case with this book. She weaved in her own story, making her message even more inspirational and easy to read. She has inspired me to look at my own "normal" and examine where I can get to the normal I want.

I could see pieces of my own story inside Rachel's story. I actually had jumped into some of my own dreams recently, and I could say "hey, that's where I am!" as I read her journey. 

Beyond that, she has inspired me to be a better friend and to be open to letting better friends into my life.

This book is great. Even if you don't think you need it, you need to read it.


Have you ever stood in the mirror and not recognized the reflection staring back? Put your dreams on hold until tomorrow? And yet tomorrow never rolls around? Do you miss you - the you that laughs and has hobbies and dreams? It is all there and you don't have to wait until the kids are grown to reclaim you.

The Brave Art of Motherhood is a guide to rediscovering yourself. Through stories from my own life - how I got out of poverty, started a business, found happiness - we will work together to break down the patterns of our thinking that have us where we are. Stuck. Waiting. 

And instead of just identifying the excuses, we will work on breaking the excuses and anchoring our new mindset.

You are too important to wait. There is balance.

The Brave Art of Motherhood tells you how to find it.  


If you've ever wondered how your life became solely about legos, soup stains, and the pick-up line. 

If you've wanted to go after your dreams but tell yourself, "if this happens, then...."

If you feel lonely.

If you feel stuck in your life story.

If you are daring and want adventure.

If you want to embrace today.

If you're a mom.


 Wow, it's a different pace than her blog posts. I expected a fast read with frenetic family anecdotes.
What a gift to find it beautifully honest and warm. 
I was expecting a cold can of coke and was surprised that it was a warm cup of tea... A refreshing shot of caffeine vs. a soothing hug of love and relaxation.
This is some of Rachel's strongest writing. 
You nailed part 2! That is the plight of mothers of this generation. It is a universal thread among the mothers I encounter. Woohoo! Great job!
Guess what all my mommy friends are getting for Christmas this year?


I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review and I’ll admit, most popular blogger books aren’t well-written, but this one was. I felt inspired to make goals and pursue them while loving my family well. I appreciated the author’s vulnerability while also honoring others’ privacy in her painful story.


Rachel Marie Martin is the author behind the highly successful blog, and Dear Mom Letters. She is a mom to seven children, and a national speaker. She is a writer for The Huffington Post and has had articles featured in The Salt Lake City News, Blogher, iVillage Australia, What to Expect, Dr. Greene, She Knows, and more. . She is also the cofounder of a national blogging conference called Blogging Concentrated and is very active in the social media/blogging world. 

We would love to send you the FIRST CHAPTER of the book,
give you a chance to get an ADVANCE READER COPY, 
and a very special offer. 

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