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First, if you made it here I’m already super honored. One of my favorite things in the world to do is to share my heart and passion with others – whether it be in text or on the stage or sitting in a circle of peers.  I know that choosing a speaker can be a bit challenging because you desire that deep power of connection – that ability to inspire, motivate, change lives, and give action steps – and the person on stage is a representation of your vision.  Because of that, I’ve designed this page to make your decision easier – giving you a glimpse into who I am and how my desire is to create that powerful connection between words that inspire and those listening.

For the past four years I’ve been blessed to have spoken to over sixty live groups, to be the guest on numerous webinars and podcasts, to have been interviewed on various national media channels, and to create my own podcast Amplify. I consider public speaking an art and a gift – it’s an opportunity to change lives with words.

So from me to you, before you even read more, thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate it.

What this page is about

Six Expectations

1. Expect commitment. Your vision becomes my passion. I take speaking as a serious commitment and work hard to understand your audience so that what is shared matches your ethos.

2. Expect emotion. I’m a story-teller at heart. Throughout time story has been the medium that we as humans have used to share about dreams, pass on history, inspire, motivate and to create change. Emotion is a powerful tool – through the use of story, concrete examples, and my humor (which I’ll thank my dad for now) – I work to resonate with your audience on a deep emotional level.

3. Expect inspiration. Whether it is about marketing and connecting with your audience or motherhood and the ups and downs or what it’s like to raise a child gluten free in all my talks I aim to inspire and motivate.

4. Expect integrity.  I’m about showing up. Doing my best. Listening to you. Understanding your people. Making your passion mine. Using my time wisely because you’ve invested in me.

5. Expect thanks. From me. Part of me speaking for you is sharing you with my audience. Whether that is on my Finding Joy Facebook page, the Amplify Podcast, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media channel I commit to sharing about you with my audience so they can learn more about your vision as well.

6. Expect relationships. My business partner, Dan, said in best on his speaking page – don’t expect the relationship to end the moment I step off the stage. Some of my deepest connections have been established in those moments after speaking – in the times in the hallway hugging and listening and learning more. I will be present and aim to make you look great.

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Me. My Life

I have been a mom (of seven, yes seven) for for over 18 years, a writer for six (unless you found the numerous journals I’ve kept since I was in grade school) and a speaker for five (or longer as my mother for Throw Back Thursday decided to unearth pics of me hosting events in high school). Some of the places I’ve been featured on include The Huffington Post, Twin Cities Live, Huffington Post Live, iVillage Australia, Dr.Greene, the Star Tribune and I’ve spoken at over 100 live events and my work has been translated into over 20 languages – German, Spanish,  Portuguese, French, Romanian, Croatian, Dutch and more.

For the past five years I’ve been pouring my heart out on my website Finding Joy. As the years have passed it has become a place celebrating motherhood and living a real intentional life in a very digitally saturated world of expectations. This site reaches hundreds of thousands of women monthly and has created a powerful community who aims to live life with bold intentions, understanding emotions and encouraging others.

For the last two years I have also been blessed to develop a company Audience Industries with my business partner, Dan R Morris. Audience Industries includes Blogging Concentrated – our international professional bloggers track with over six workshops, a robust membership site, curriculum and an active forum. We’re also cohosts of the Amplify Podcast which was named the number one social media podcast by Jay Baer.  Audience Industries also has a professional business track where we speak with companies, consulting services, and several other sites, beyond Finding Joy, that we successfully maintain.

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some Finding joy stats

one million+ pageviews/month
125k Facebook fans w/ an average reach of over one 1.5 million/ week
8.3k Twitter fans
5.8k Pinterest fans
6.9k Instagram fans
21k email subscribers

Recently Joel Comm named me one of the top 50 Social Media Influencers. And John Lee Dumas featured me on his podcast Entrepreneur on Fire. I’m currently working on publishing my first long form book after seeing the success of my Dear Mom Letters . I was featured on Huffington Post Live after my post To The Tired Mom went so rapidly viral that it was their top trending article for days. 

My Most Loved Talks

My business partner, Dan, and I have several keynotes that we present together as well as full and half day workshops including our own Blogging Concentrated series. For more information about booking us to keynote together please click here and also to learn more about Blogging Concentrated, Amplify Podcast, and our parent company, Audience Industries.

HowDoYouDoItallSmallHow Do You Do it all?
One of the most common questions I’m asked is “How do you do it all?” as others will see me writing, speaking, podcasting, traveling, running Blogging Concentrated, and being a mom. In this talk I’ll share my secrets – if you can call them secrets – think of them instead as lessons learned – of maintaining a busy work/life/mom balance and keeping a sense of joy and not forgetting yourself in the midst of busy.
10LifeLessonsHaitismallTen Life Lessons Learned in Haiti
In this inspirational, and more often requested, talk I share from my week long experience in Haiti where I documented and worked alongside a local mission trip. While in Haiti I learned more about motherhood, camaraderie, priorities and perspective than I’ve learned in years. You’ll hear me share ten truths about life (or motherhood if it’s for a mom’s group) that truly changed my life’s perspective and will inspire you to live with more intentionality, joy and focus.
WhyThereisNoJustSmallWhy There is No “Just”
Sometimes we get stuck thinking that what we’re doing everyday as mothers doesn’t make a difference. We qualify it as “just” this or “just” that and lose the beauty in motherhood. In this inspirational talk I will share why we need to remove the just from our definition of motherhood and life and replace it with statements that are not only true but life changing. This topic also easily translates into a talk for entrepreneurs and businesses as so often we qualify what we do and let perceived limitations hold us back from success.
WhyBeingaMomsisEnoughsmallWhy Being a Mom is Enough
Based off the success of the almost one million Facebook likes viral post with the same title in this talk we get to the nitty gritty emotions that we deal with as mothers. Through narrative, personal stories, powerful analogies & inspiration we’ll celebrate motherhood through fresh eyes. We live in a digital age of expectations, to-do lists, and a mythical ladder of success. In this talk I work to clear that clutter and to replace it with the beautiful truth that the ordinary days and ordinary things in motherhood are truly extraordinary.
BeuatyinNormalSmallThe Beauty in Normal
Do you celebrate normal? The little things in life? The moments that are tucked in the ordinary? On Finding Joy, I consistently challenging my readers to embrace the gift of normal. In this inspirational talk I’ll share what led me to celebrating normal, why it is a critical part of gratitude, how/why I teach my children to be grateful, and why you, too, should begin to look adopt this powerful life strategy of finding joy. Happiness is based on circumstances, while joy is a posture of the heart intent on seeking on beauty, good, and gratitude in the midst of life. Be prepared to be motivated and to see the world just a bit differently.
FacebookReachScienceSmallFacebook: The Science of Reach
Are you frustrated by Facebook reach, engagement, and algorithm changes? Do you want to learn the science behind creating reach without paying for ads? We will debunk the myths of Facebook reach and will discuss concrete strategies for reaching your audience – knowing when, how, why, and what to post. Some of you might learn when it’s time to just start over versus working on your existing page. By the end you’ll know what strategy works, how to grow your community organically, and the reasons why some of my clients just can’t be helped.
KnowYourAudienceSmallKnowing Your Audience
Over the past five years I’ve created a site with millions of visits, with dozens of viral posts, and an active engaged audience. One of the common questions that we get with regards to website development and writing is about growing one’s platform. Truthfully the best way (and only way) to effectively grow a long-term and returning readership is by understanding and knowing your audience. This talk discusses messaging, voice, branding, and how to begin to unearth who your audience is and how you can leverage that knowledge and grow a powerful platform.
NoExcusesSmallNo Excuses. Why Your Voice Matters Sometimes, the biggest stumbling blocks to success are the road blocks in front of us. What if the road blocks were there to make us become stronger – and aren’t really stopping us at all? In this keynote, Rachel will discuss how we can work from the posture of knowing our voice matters, with strategies on how we can build businesses and platforms that balance our work with who we are.I speak on topics related to motherhood, gratitude, Facebook and social media. I would love to bring my exuberance and zest to life to your group as well.

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My 2016 Upcoming Locations

Nashville: February 1-4
Snowball Summit – What it takes to blog professionally
Salt Lake City: February 19-21
Build Your Blog Conference
Blogging Concentrated
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (19th)
Winnipeg, Canada – with the Sparker Strategy Group: February 24-27
Blogging Concentrated Sequoia
Blogging Concentrated Circles
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (24th)
Phoenix, Arizona: March 12-13
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (12th)
Hagerstown, Maryland: April 3
Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writer’s Conference
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
Finding Joy Meetup (3rd)
Minneapolis, MN: April 15
Social Media Breakfast Keynote
Burlington, Vermont: April 22
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (22nd)
Ottawa, Canada: April 23-24
BConnected Blogger’s Conference
Blogging Concentrated
Dunedin, New Zealand: May 3-4
Blogging Concentrated Sequoia
Blogging Concentrated Circles
Wellington, New Zealand: May 5-6
AI SequoiaAI Circles
Auckland, New Zealand: May 10
AI Escape Velocity
Boston: June 2-3
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (2nd)
New Haven: June 4-5
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (4th)
Nashville: June 17
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (17th)
Minneapolis: June 21
FindingJoy Meetup
North Iowa: June 22
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Chicago: June 24
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (24th)
St. Louis: June 25-26
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (26th)
New York City: July 13-14
Bloggers Bash
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (13th)
Houston: July 30
The Declare Conference
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (30th)
Dallas: July 31
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (31st)
San Francisco/Lodi: August 13-14
Wine Bloggers Conference
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (13th)
Savannah: August 25- 26
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (25th)
Orlando: August 27-28
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (27th)
Boise: September 8-9
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (8th)
Spokane: September 10-11
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (10th)
Lansing: September 22-23
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (22nd)
Toronto: September 25
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (25th)
Omaha: October 13- 14
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (13th)
Denver: October 15-16
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (15th)
Cincinnati: October 29
Blogging Concentrated Escape Velocity
Bloggers Dinner
FindingJoy Meetup (29th)
Puerto Rico: November
Blogging Concentrated Leverage (by application)

My Previous Events

2015 Speaking Events

Nashville | January
Framework Summit
Raleigh, NC | March
Blogging Concentrated Sequoia
Charlotte, NC | March
Blogging Concentrated Circles
Penn State, PA – March
Blogging Concentrated Sequoia
Philadelphia, PA – March
Blogging Concentrated Circles
Vancouver, BC – April
Blog Mastery Conference Featured Speaker
Auckland, NZ  | May1
Blogging Concentrated Sequoia
Auckland, NZ | May 2
Speaker NZ Blogger Network
Auckland, NZ | May3
Blogging Concentrated Circles
Nelson, NZ | May 6
Blogging Concentrated Sequoia
Christchurch, NZ | May 8
Blogging Concentrated Circles
Denver – June
Fit Bloggin’ Advanced Blogger Workshop
New Orleans – June
iRetreat Featured Speaker
Blogging Concentrated Sequoia
Atlanta – July
Haven Speaker/Workshop Mastermind
Minneapolis – August
Blogging Concentrated Pages
Chicago – August
Speakers West Suburban Network
Blogging Concentrated Circles
Sandusky, OH – September
Keynote Speaker Bloggy Con
Mastermind Workshop Bloggy Con
Poconos – September
Blogging Concentrated Pages
Toronto – October
Blogging Concentrated Pages presented by Blissdom Canada
Minneapolis – November
Featured Speaker Minnesota Blogger’s Conference

Blogging Concentrated 2014 Speaking Events
Date: January 18th | Where: Seattle, WA
Date: January, 25th | Where: Cincinnati, OH
Date: February 22nd | Where: Richmond, VA
Date: February 28th | Where: Boise, ID
Date: March 14th | Where: Manhattan, NY
Date: March 22nd | Where: Syracuse, NY
Date: April 12th | Where: Nashville, TN
Date: May 31st | Where: Asheville, NC
Date: June 7th | Where: Atlanta, GA
Date: August 9th | Where: San Francisco, CA
Date: October 5th | Where: Phoenix, AZ
Date: October 17th | Where: Denver, CO
Date: October 12th | Where: Dallas, TX
Date: October 19th | Where: Seattle, WA
Date: October 20th | Where: Vancouver, CA

Other Events

Date: February 2014 | St.Joseph the Worker Moms Group, Maple Grove MN
Date: February 2014 | Entertainment New Media, Los Angeles
Date: May 2014 | UMass Boston Social Media Days
Date: May 2014 | Exposure and Profit, Toronto
Date: May 2014 | Florida Parent Educators Social Media Days
Date: May 2014 | Florida Parent Educator Speaker
Date: June 2014 | iRetreat, Harrisburg, PA
Date: June 2014 | Fit Bloggin’, Savannah, GA
Date: July 2014 | Haven Conference
Date: September 2014 | Beachpreneurs Keynote, St. Petersburg, FL
Date: October 3 | Blissdom Canada
Date: October 11th | Type A Conference Atlanta, GA
Date: November 2014 | MomCon Keynote, Pittsburgh
Date: November 2014 | Minnesota Blogger’s Conference

Date: November 2013  | Florida Parent Educators Special Needs
Date: November 2013 | Blogging Concentrated Orlando
Date: October 2013 | Blogging Concentrated Minneapolis
Date: October 2013 | Christi Moms Group Eden Prairie, MN
Date: August 2013 | Blogging Concentrated Denver
Date: March 2013 | Real Refreshment Atlanta
Date: March 2013 | Real Refreshment Baltimore
Date: February 2013 BEECH Retreat Fort Myers, FL
Date: January 2013 | TEAM Homeschool Alliance

Date: December 2012 | UMass Boston Social Media Days
Date: September 2012 | Home Educating Family
Date: April 2012 | 2:1 Conference Emcee and Keynote
Date: April 2012 | Plymouth Covenant MOPS
Date: February 2012 | TEAM Homeschool Alliance

Other Mentions:
Top 50 Blog Work at Home Women 2012
SheKnows Top Inspirational Blogger 2012
AOP Top Blogger 2011


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Praying Pelican MissionsHuffington PostMomCon PittsburghMinneapolis/St. Paul Star TribuneTwin Cities Live
Fox PicturesNat’l Found. for Celiac DiseaseFPEA Social Media SummitMotherhood RealizedHuffington Post Live!
DisneyiVillage AustraliaType A ParentSo What Do You Do? Volume 2 Sirius Radio Canada
GatoradePopSugarBeech RetreatLondon Baby Ontario
OreckSheKnows.com2:1 ConferenceSalt Lake City News
Udi’s Gluten FreeBlogherApologia Real RefreshmentHomeschooling Today Columnist
DoveWhat to Expect.comBecome a BloggerFlorida Parent Educators
Geography MattersDr. Greene.comMOPSGluten Free Living
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